An ongoing series photographing inspirational women around the UK
Servane Mouazan 
Servane is the CEO and founder of Oguntê a community Interest Company, helping women help others.
Alison Warner
Alison is the Managing Director of Blue Zoo Rights, a BAFTA award winning company. 
Doreen Homawoo 
Doreen is a full time carer for her son who has cerebral palsy. As well as running a Non-profit organisation called The Lady and Her Lord.
Angela Green
Angela is the Director of Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders. AEC runs a 'She Leads Project' where they focus on women role models that inspire them.
Anniek Verholt 
Anniek is a therapeutic artist where she works with clients to help express how they are feeling, often working with clients in prison. 
Theresa Robinson
Theresa is a conservation biologist, currently researching a bird called the Mauritius fody.
Julia Moir-Jones
Julia is the CEO of London Calling Arts Ltd, a marketing agency. Julia bought the company for £10,000 and has since turned it into a million pound company. 

Francesca Dearden
Francesca is one of three woman working in a nature reserve where she ensures habitats are in good condition for the local wildlife. 

Marcia Wilson
Marcia is one of twenty-three black professors in the UK. Currently working for The Open University.
Matilda Tickner-Du
Matilda secures legal painting art sites for graffiti artists. 
Victoria Ansell
Victoria is the Director of Castle corporate finance, advising entrepreneurs and business owners to help them with their goals.
Trish True
Trish is the club secretary and assistant coach at Barking and Dagenham Canoe Club. Trish started kayaking at the age of 40 and has since received her first medal. 
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